Project Octopath Traveler Launches On Nintendo Switch In 2018

Square Enix has announced that Project Octopath Traveler will launch on Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2018. A free demo is now available to download on the Nintendo eShop.

The producers of the Bravely series at Square Enix have brought a new world to life through a mix of CG, pixel art, and “HD-2D” visuals. Embark on a vast new role-playing adventure as one of eight travelers, all with their own origins, paths, and goals. Where to begin? Who to team up with? Where to go next? Only you can decide.

Each traveler can use a distinct Path Action, a specialized way of achieving objectives and interacting with people you encounter. The warrior can “challenge” people to a duel, whereas the dancer can “allure” others to follow her, even into battle! Enjoy the freedom to choose your own path while experiencing the story through the role you play. Combat revolves around the Boost system, a fusion of traditional turn-based battling and modern enhancements. Each turn, build up BP that can be spent to dramatically increase your strength or provide aid. Identifying when to Boost may just be the key to victory.

Key Features

  • A new RPG adventure from the minds at Square Enix who brought you the Bravely series.
  • Choose from eight distinct characters, each with their own path, and see where the story takes you.
  • Music and visuals inspired by RPGs of yore, brought to life with modern touches.
  • Deep, strategic turn-based combat with an innovative battle system.

Check out the Project Octopath Traveler Screenshots:

Check out the Project Octopath Traveler Trailer:


Via: Gematsu

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