Knight Terrors Out Now On Nintendo Switch

The horror-themed arcade side-scroller Knight Terrors is out now on Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe digitally via the Nintendo eShop for $2.99 / €2.99.

In Knight Terrors, you play as the Knight, an uncanny, empty suit of enchanted armor. Rampage through the moonlit night, leap and soar with eldritch wings to avoid spikes and other deadly obstacles. Legions of unspeakable creatures shamble, flutter and zoom across the screen toward you, and your only hope for a high score is to smite them all with a massive sword as they draw endlessly near.

In Knight Terrors, levels are procedurally generated—the stage layouts, the locations of the obstacles and the ghoulish enemy patterns are all seeded randomly at the outset. Increasingly helpful power-up items and new game modes can be unlocked by achieving specific score plateaus, and the game tracks the five highest scores in each mode. Additional features include an intuitive two-button control scheme, stylish retro graphics, and chiptunes by Rushjet1, special screen effects and other surprises.

Check out the Knight Terrors Nintendo Switch Gameplay:


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