Caveman Warriors Launches On Nintendo Switch On December 5, 2017

JanduSoft has announced that its cooperative action-platformer Caveman Warriors will launch on Nintendo Switch on December 5, 2017 digitally via the Nintendo eShop.

Embark on the adventure of Caveman Warriors by choosing between Jack, Brienne, Moe and Liliana as each hero has different attacks and abilities that are the key to solve specific situations of this journey. Experiment with them all to advance through our beautifully crafted 2D levels and beat the crap out of these crazy enemies. Fight dangerous and unique bosses and prepare yourself for the unexpected gameplay twists that will require the best out of every caveman!


  • Different playable characters:
    Choose one of the playable characters, but don’t worry! You can change your character at anytime in the game and play with all of them!
  • 1-4 players:
    Play solo, with one, two or three friends. Work together to become unstoppable!
  • Varied Enemies:
    Each level has different enemies, watch out as they can catch you off guard.
  • Secret Levels:
    Unlock secret levels inside the game to experience a bigger adventure!
  • Challenging:
    Challenge yourself to unlock all the achievements!

Nintendo Switch Special Features:

  • Support for all Nintendo Switch Play modes:
    Play in handheld, tabletop or tv mode.
  • Support for all Nintendo Switch Controllers:
    Play with dual Joy-con configuration, single Joy-con or connect your Pro Controller to play Caveman Warriors.
  • 1-4 Players support on the same Nintendo Switch Console.

Check out the Caveman Warriors – Nintendo Switch Trailer:


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