Sparkle Unleashed Launches For Nintendo Switch On December 25, 2017

10tons has announced that the marble shooter action puzzle game Sparkle Unleashed will launch for Nintendo Switch on December 25, 2017 via the Nintendo eShop for $7.99 USD.

Sparkle Unleashed closely resembles Sparkle 2. The main difference between the games is that Sparkle 2 features the genre original rotating marble shooter gameplay, while Sparkle Unleashed features a marble shooter that moves along the bottom of the screen, which is a newer evolution of the genre. While both styles are popular, some marble shooter enthusiasts greatly prefer one or the other.

Sparkle Unleashed is a match-three marble shooter action puzzle game where the player lines up and shoots colorful marbles to make matches of three or more like colors. Matched marbles disappear, taking the player a step forward in clearing the level. Powerups with spectacular effects are also an integral part of the game’s appeal.


  • Ultra-polished match-three marble shooter gameplay
  • Chained Orbs, Rock Orbs and more exciting challenges
  • An arsenal of 18 potent powerups to choose from
  • Immersive soundtrack by award-winning composer Jonathan Geer
  • 108 challenging levels, Survival mode, and two more difficulty settings

Check out the Sparkle Unleashed Launch Trailer:


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