PS Vita at PSX – Russian Subway Dogs Impressions

By 2 Old 4 Gaming

I had a chance to go hands on with Russian Subway Dogs running on a PS Vita at PSX and it was a lot of fun.

You play as a stray dog trying to steal food from commuters on Moscow’s subway system. You bark at commuters from behind to score them and have them throw their food in the air. You need to catch the food in the air to gain points and fill up your hunger meter which drops steadily over time. You can grab food off the floor but it doesn’t last for long and you’ll get the most points from catching it in the air. Of course that’s not the whole game. You have to contend with other creatures trying to grab food first like dogs and bears and some passengers carry vodka which can help kill your enemy animals, cook food to make it tastier or can do damage to you.

I really enjoyed playing Russian Subway Dogs. Trying to juggle food and vodka in the air while tying to grab food before other dogs was quite challenging but also addictive. The game has that “just one more go” quality that keeps you coming back for more. My first go only lasted 2 or 3 minutes but I did better on subsequent play throughs as I got better at throwing vodka at other dogs.

The game ran perfectly on Vita which was great to see. The demo was only for the endless survival mode but the developer Spooky Squid has said the final game will have levels, a campaign and a final boss as well as the endless mode. Talking to the developers, it was also really great to see their passion for PS Vita and for making this the best game they can make it.

There’s no release date yet but this looks to be a fun game for Vita owners to look forward to.

Check out the Russian Subway Dogs PS Vita Impressions:


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