The Next Penelope Out Now For Nintendo Switch

The futuristic racing/shooting game The Next Penelope is out now for Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe via the Nintendo eShop for $12.99 / €12.99.

Set in a futuristic Odyssey, The Next Penelope is a fast paced action racing game with loud colors, an original story and a challenging risk-reward system.

As Penelope is looking for Ulysses through the galaxy, the player is free to explore the planets in any order. Each world features unique situations, races, even bosses, and new permanent abilities to enhance Penelope’s spaceship. Weapons can be mixed and used at any time, but all these abilities cost vital energy, so the player is very powerful and close to death at the same time!

Special bonus missions to extend your journey after beating the main game are available then battle with your friends as Penelope’s suitors, who are battling each other for glory in a local 4 players mode! Also, HD rumble support!

Check out The Next Penelope Nintendo Switch Gameplay:


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