Gunhouse Coming Soon To Nintendo Switch

A listing on the European Nintendo eShop reveals that the puzzle/tower defense game Gunhouse is coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

According to the listing, it will release in Europe on January 15, 2018 for €12.99. A North American release date has not been revealed but it’s likely that it will be the same day.

Gunhouse is part puzzle, part active tower defense, as you make big combos to launch a hail of bullets and special attacks at the alien invaders who would like nothing better than to consume your delicious orphan friends. With infinite levels, upgradeable weapons, a unique art style, and music by Fez composer Disasterpeace, Gunhouse from Necrosoft Games is a cute, endless game that will chill you out and rile you up.

Gunhouse is currently available for PS Vita in North America.

Check out the Gunhouse Trailer:


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