God Wars: Great War of Japanese Mythology Announced For PS Vita, PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Kadokawa Games has announced in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu God Wars: Great War of Japanese Mythology for PS Vita, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, an updated version of the original God Wars: Future Past game.

God Wars: Great War of Japanese Mythology will feature accelerated battle speed, an enhanced help function, updated number of units you can send out from 6 to 8, and increased level and skill limits.

New playable character will be Momotaro and his three companions: dog, monkey, and pheasant. The updated God Wars version will feature the DLC “Hyga’s Future”, “A New Enemy”, and the new episode “Labyrinth of the Erebus” which will become available after finishing the main story. There will also be new music and a new character called Orihime.

“Labyrinth of the Erebus” will also be available as a separate DLC for the original God Wars game and will include the new playable character Momotaro and his three companions, multiple endings, and the balance adjustments of the updated version. Release date and pricing is still to be announced.

God Wars: Great War of Japanese Mythology is coming to PS Vita, PS4, and Nintendo Switch in Japan sometime in the future. A western release has not been announced yet.

Via: Siliconera


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