Top-Down Shooter Garage Coming To Nintendo Switch On May 10, 2018

tinyBuild has announced that the top-down shooter Garage is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch on May 10, 2018.

Garage will be fully playable on Nintendo Switch at PAX East 2018 on tinyBuild’s showfloor.

Inspired by VHS Era B-Movies, Garage is a bloody top-down shooter. You play as Butch, an ex-drug dealer who finds himself in an underground parking garage where he accidentally uncovers a secret underworld filled with mutants and the undead.


  • Interactive environments: Ride vehicles, knock over boxes, and even play soccer with the monster heads
  • Strategic weapon system gives each weapon a dedicated use in the battle against the mutants
  • Unique combination of survival mechanics, ammo management, and action shooter gameplay.
  • Inspired by Splatterpunk storytelling style
  • Deeply designed levels that are filled with challenges and secrets.

Check out the Garage Screenshots:

Check out the Garage – Reveal Trailer:


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