Night Call Heading To Nintendo Switch In Early 2019

Raw Fury today announced that the murder mystery noire game Night Call is heading to Nintendo Switch in early 2019.

The clock is ticking and the meter is running! Night Call is a stylish investigative noire game set in Paris, in which you must balance the dual roles of sleuth and cabbie. Can you earn enough to pay your bills while also getting to the bottom of the murder mystery?


  • Gorgeous Game Noire Style:
    Every character and location are lovingly hand-drawn in stunning black & white, evoking the pure tension of the noire style of art.
  • A Vivid and Original Cast:
    Meet dozens of original, surprising, realistic characters and share their lives for a few brief moments. Listen and help they might have something useful for you.
  • Investigation vs. Survival:
    Will you forsake information for more money, or sacrifice your income to get the info you need? Make your choices quickly time is running out!
  • Multiple Endings, Multiple Killers:
    Can you uncover the identity of the killer each time? Be careful: a guilty suspect in one playthrough may be completely innocent in the next.
  • Non Linear Narrative Game:
    Encounters are random. Every run is different.

Check out the Night Call Reveal Trailer:


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