Revenant Dogma Out Now For PS Vita & PS4 In North America

KEMCO has announced that the fantasy role-playing game Revenant Dogma is out now for PS Vita and PS4 in North America digitally via the PlayStation Store for $14.99 featuring cross-buy support.

Caine enters a ruins site in search of a feral relic said to be left behind by the gods and meets a mysterious girl in a mask. This strange encounter becomes the catalyst of a grand scheme that will change the worlds of humans and therians. Will this new-found power lead to prosperity or destruction?


  • Have a 3D battle experience full of ambience featuring transformations that enable various skills and Bursts that can deal massive damage.
  • Weapons can be customized to increase their power or be imbued with various effects.
  • Explore dynamic, constantly changing dungeons, take on many subquests and open up your path in a grand adventure!

Check out the Revenant Dogma PS Vita Gameplay:



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