Collidalot Heading To Nintendo Switch Next Month

Grunka Munka Games has announced that the local multiplayer game Collidalot is heading to Nintendo Switch on November 9, 2018.

Collidalot is a local multiplayer game in which jet-powered destruction derby meets rail-grinding chaos. Players pilot post-apocalyptic hover cars and crash them into each other.

The world is a wasteland where pilots battle for glory above desolated landscapes. Energy rails have been suspended above the unforgiving planet surface where pilots fly and grind on the rails at breakneck speeds for map dominance.


  • Unique, never-before-seen gameplay
  • Post-apocalyptic jet cars paint rails in a brightly-colored art style
  • Original soundtrack mixes desert beats with techno vibes
  • Hard-hitting collisions and epic special moves keep opponents on their toes
  • Quick, addicting gameplay keeps players coming back match after match to prove who is king of the wasteland

Check out the Collidalot Switch Launch Trailer:


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