Hyperide: Vector Raid Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Developer Kool2Play and publisher Midven have announced that Hyperide: Vector Raid is now available on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop for $3.99 / €3.99.

Players will put themselves in shoes of the captain commanding one of the speediest vessels of the galaxy; in gameplay style inspired by two of the most famous pop-cultural masterpieces – River Raid and Tron.

Gameplay is a tribute to the best classic arcade titles of the past – jump into a superfast spaceship and journey through the unexplored space, avoiding and shooting obstacles, all of this in crazy hyperspeed. It’s not going to be easy. Everything is happening blazingly fast and requires a lot of focus and reflex.

Players’ spaceship is exploring multidimensional maps, inspired by Tron and other 80s movies. All levels are full of vibrant, neon colors, weird geometrical shapes and very characteristic, electronic music.

Add the best elements of classic arcade titles – collectibles, power-ups, fast action, super high-scores and urgent need to be the best – to the equation and we have Hyperide: Vector Raid, the best game for classic arcade fans.

Key features

  • A gameplay inspired by classic River Raid formula
  • Controls utilize steering possibilities provided by Nintendo Switch
  • Crazy, warp-speed journey in vibrant space inspired by Tron and other 80s movies
  • 3 different void quadrants and an old-school boss fight
  • Hyper speed, ships, jumps, galaxies, multinational astronauts, and many other hyper features

Check out the Hyperide: Vector Unit Screenshots:

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