Atari Flashback Classics Coming To PS Vita This Week

The PlayStation blog has revealed that Atari Flashback Classics is coming to PS Vita on December 14, 2018 digitally via the PlayStation Store.

According to the PlayStation blog, the PS Vita version of Atari Flashback Classics  will come with all-new trophies, rankings and multiplayer support as well as an archive of classic artwork.

The games of the collection have not been revealed yet but the description says that “Atari Flashback Classics (is) the most complete Atari collection ever seen on a handheld device.”

So latest this Friday when the collection releases we will know which classic Atari arcade games we can play on the PS Vita this weekend.

Via: PlayStation Blog

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  • December 15, 2018 at 01:45

    Not in America store yet?

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