Lightseekers Heading To Nintendo Switch Next Month

PlayFusion today announced that the free-to-play card game Lightseekers is coming to Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop in mid-January 2019.

The Switch version will support cross-play with the Lightseekers mobile versions. Players can also play the game with physical cards, available in local hobby stores.

By merging the worlds of physical and digital, players can experience a whole new way to play: Scan cards from physical collections and then immediately begin to customise digital decks with brand new options, forge new tactics and bring them to the digital battlefield.

Players can practice with their custom deck against AI or play casually against the community or friends. The most competitive players will be able to challenge the leaderboards for their rightful place and show their skill in ranked matches to earn the greatest rewards. The digital game now provides convenient quick matches, more customization, personalization, and digital booster packs to expand players’ collections.

Check out the Lightseekers Screenshots:

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