BQM – Block Quest Maker Arrives On Switch On January 10

Wonderland Kazakiri has announced that BQM – Block Quest Maker will release on Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe on January 10, 2019 via the Nintendo eShop for $14.99 / €12.99.

BQM – Block Quest Maker is a voxel-like dungeon maker in which players can easily connect parts and characters, and creating new worlds is easy like building with blocks. It depends solely on the users imagination what kind of dungeon it will be – puzzle, action, mini story – anything is possible.

Created dungeons can be shared with players all around the world via internet connection or through the ‘friend box’ – option enabling exchange with other Switch users through local connection. Published dungeons can be searched by different categories, ranking or upload order, so choosing which game to play is entirely up to player.

BQM – Block Quest Maker comes with 120 already built in dungeons of different kinds and levels of difficulty which can be enjoyed in offline mode.

Game creating takes place in a simple editor where parts can be connected with ‘link system’. As editor’s UI was designed for Nintendo Switch, players can access all functions via buttons, the touch screen or via controller in TV mode.


  • Easy to use editor
    Link system enabling players creativity
  • Friend Box
    Exchange private dungeons with nearby friends; save up to 100 dungeons
  • Challenge mode with 120 dungeons
    Already built in dungeons to enjoy. Puzzle, action – various types of dungeons already installed in BQM

Check out the BQM – Block Quest Maker Gameplay:



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