Stellar Interface Now Available On Nintendo Switch

ImaginationOverflow has announced that theirĀ retro rogue-like shoot ’em upĀ Stellar Interface is now available on Nintendo Switch digitally via the Nintendo eShop.

Stellar Interface is a rogue-like shmup with pixel perfect graphics that at first sight takes any player into a retro arcade experience. It has, however, a well oiled synergetic system that enables unique combos at each run, as well as a randomly generated enemy formation system that puts any player on edge every single run.

Even with rogue elements, Stellar Interface introduces permanent spacecraft unlocking and with them new playstyles to defeat enemies. Each spacecraft unlocks new tougher enemies and respective formations. The game has 8 Overlords (Bosses) and with each a way to test player knowledge of the mechanics and metagame on each run.

Stellar Interface difficulty grows as the player progresses in-game, so as players unlock spacecrafts and beat Overlords the game adjusts the difficulty by throwing new formations, patterns and enemies to the equation. Overlords also gain new patterns as the game difficulty scales.

Besides the classic mode, Stellar Interface has two others, the endless mode, where the player needs to survive as much as she can, wave after wave, this mode contains some of the toughest formations in the game and even allows multiple bosses spawning at the same time. The third mode, the Lost mode, is the pinnacle of difficulty in Stellar Interface, the Overlords gain unique more treacherous patterns, enemies become faster and tougher and it can be activated on both classic and endless mode!

Check out the Stellar Interface Nintendo Switch Trailer:


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