Hack-and-Slasher Down To Hell Coming To Nintendo Switch

Red Dev Studio has announced that the hack-and-slash action game Down To Hell will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

About the game

The player takes on the role of a knight filled with hatred and struggle. During the game the protagonist will have to fight with various demons in order to save the mysterious girl that previously saved him.

Down To Hell is a dynamic slasher with a dark and gritty art style. During the gameplay the player using both weapons and magic will have to fight various terrifying demons. Moreover, in each chapter, there will be at least 3 bosses, where each of them will be a particularly demanding opponent.

Both in the game and especially in the soundtrack, there won’t be any compromises. The soundtrack will be fully metal in crucial moments (incl. Decapitated, KORONAL and more!), the art style also will be heavily inspired by some great metal covers.


  • Quick, demanding fight
    The game will focus on fighting the demons. The player will be given various types of weapons and skills that can be used freely during fights.
  • Exciting fights with terrifying bosses
    There will be four bosses at each stage, each of them will check the player’s skills. Each fight will be divided into several different stages, which will require the player to quickly adapt to the dynamically changing behavior of the opponents.
  • Metal soundtrack
    During the game, players will be accompanied by a metal soundtrack (including Decapitated and KORONAL), which will encourage you to fight with other opponents. However, when exploring the player, they will also find calmer moments emphasized by ambient songs.
  • Four different endings
    The finale of the game will be affected not only the choices made by the player during conversations with NPC, but also the result of the fight with the last boss. A duel with the last opponent will be a one-off and the story will end depending on the outcome of the clash.
  • Beautiful, hand-drawn cutscenes
    Each film sequence will be carefully refined. In addition, depending on the presented during movies.

Check out the Down to Hell Trailer:


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