Skybolt Zack Announced For Nintendo Switch

Publisher Green Man Gaming and developer Devs Must Die today announced that Skybolt Zack is coming to Nintendo Switch in Q3 2019.

About the game

Skybolt Zack delivers a unique gaming experience – all the fun and excitement of an arcade platformer married with the feel of a Japanese rhythm game. Ditching the pixel perfect precision of traditional platformers, Skybolt Zack introduces new mechanics that are equally challenging but fresh and exciting.

Players will have their dexterity and quick thinking tested in equal measure. Reacting to the enemies on screen, players must Dash and Rocket Punching and Charge Attack their way from enemy to enemy by colour matching the buttons on the gamepad to the enemies on screen before bouncing off of them to reach new heights. The higher the player climbs, the more difficult the game gets, but the more rewarding it becomes…

Skybolt Zack is designed to prioritise gameplay above all else, featuring 48 frantic, colourful and challenging levels. The player is always in control of their success or failure, testing their fortitude with every failure and rewarding every success with intense euphoria!

Check out the Skybolt Zack Announcement Trailer:



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