Nonviolent Musical 3D Platformer Newt One Lands On Nintendo Switch On August 30

DevNAri and Whitethorn Digital have announced that the nonviolent musical 3D platformer Newt One will land on Nintendo Switch on August 9, 2019. It will be available digitally via the Nintendo eShop for $9.99.

About the game

The once vibrant world of Groovy Hue has fallen to the Great Slumber. Take control of Newt to restore music, life, and color to the land in this nonviolent musical platformer that rewards you for how much life you put into the world rather than how much you take out.

After working with fan feedback through Early Access, Newt One is ready to bring a joyful, colorful, musical experience to your life.


  • Enchanting music that adapts to the world
  • Completely nonviolent gameplay
  • Cute, colorful art style
  • Fun and innovative 3D platforming
  • Four unique worlds with six levels each

DevNAri will also be on hand at PAX West to showcase Newt One during its launch week, with more details to come ahead of the show.

Check out the Newt One Launch Trailer:


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