Shadows 2: Perfidia and Epic Clicker Journey Launch On Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

Ultimate Games has announced that Shadows 2: Perfidia and Epic Clicker Journey launch on Nintendo Switch on August 6, 2019. Pre-orders are available now on the Nintendo eShop for $7.99/€7.99 and $4.99/€4.99 respectively.

Shadows 2: Perfidia

The action of the survival horror happens in a dark and desolate office complex where incomprehensible events took place. The goal of the creators of Shadows 2: Perfidia is causing an overpowering sense of terror, a stuffy climate and phenomena leading to the verge of insanity.

The gameplay refers to classic horror and includes differentiated puzzles and confrontations with monsters that require special approaches and tactics. In Shadows 2: Perfidia the player can take on 2 different characters – each of them has its own path and will have to face different challenges.

The title offers a total of 18 levels and is also distinguished by its realistic sound, randomness and unique mental health system. There are also hidden objects that will unlock additional content if found.

Check out the Shadows 2: Perfidia Switch Trailer:


Epic Clicker Journey

This clicker type game created by Cleversan Software studio allows you to experience the epic adventures of life. The trip includes 20 different lands that are full of secrets, terrifying monsters and legendary treasures.

In Epic Clicker Journey you can obtain numerous items and experience points needed to develop your character and increase your efficiency in combat. As the creators point out, the game is also full of inexplicable phenomena, and defeated monsters can be forced to help you during the next stages of the journey. The whole is distinguished by cartoon graphics and music emphasizing the atmosphere.

Check out the Epic Clicker Journey Switch Trailer:


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