New Sparklite Gameplay Trailer & Details On Weapons and Gadgets Revealed

Merge Games and Red Blue Games have released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming action-adventure Sparklite.

Additionally, Merge Games has released new details on the weapons and gadgets that you’ll use when exploring the world of Sparklite.

Sparklite Nintendo Switch

The world of Geodia is packed full of fun excitement, it’s also strife with potential dangers around each and every corner… Luckily Sparkmaster Rizzle is on hand inside his wondrous Workshop to make sure you are kitted out to take on the challenges ahead in Sparklite this Fall! And who is Ada, the engineer and hero of Sparklite? In a new developer video, the Red Blue Games team shares the inspiration behind her and answer a few other questions from the community.

Sparklite Nintendo Switch

Across Sparklite’s five diverse procedurally generated biomes, an abundance of mystery and challenges lie in wait and it’s dangerous to explore unprepared. With Sparkmaster Rizzle’s trusty Workshop of Wonders open in town, our hero Ada is always only a stone’s throw away from upgrading her arsenal for the enemies and puzzles that lie ahead.

From either harnessing the power of the Boom Balloon which allows Ada to quickly dispatch enemies with remote control precision, to the quick firing bursts of energy from the Spark Slinger, there’s always a weapon on hand to deal with any given situation. With Sparklite upping the ante with several challenging boss battles such as the Lumbering Titan, Timbert and his treacherous gremlins, Ada’s Rocket Boots provide her with short, concentrated bursts of speed to both avoid foes and jump over large gaps to catch that hard to reach chest of loot! Or take it up another level with the powerful Spark Blitzer which harnesses Sparklite to discharge an intense spike of energy with devastating precision!

Sparklite Nintendo Switch

As well as Ada’s array of high-powered weaponry, she also has a wealth of gadgets at her disposal. From her companion, Wingnut’s enhancing Flare Bang, to Ada’s own handy Multi-Tool Wrench, Sparklite has enough tools in its box for any budding explorer come release day! These are but a handful of the weapons and tools Ada will utilize when taking on the perilous foes Professor Corwin touched on in detail in last month’s Bestiary of Brutal Baddies.

Sparklite will launch for Nintendo Switch both physically and digitally in October 2019.

Check out the Sparklite Gameplay Trailer:


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