Rise of the Slime Nintendo Switch Gameplay

You are the hero that no one saw coming. Help Slime defy the odds by playing insanely powerful cards in this charming and strategic deckbuilding adventure.

Rise of the Slime is a roguelite like no other, mixing deep and tactical deckbuilder gameplay with the chill vibes of a side-scrolling adventure.

  • Play it your way: Create an amazingly powerful deck from more than 100 cards!
  • A constantly shifting path brings good luck and bad turns: Evade falling rocks and spike pits, visit shops to bolster your deck, and discover secret doors to treasure rooms!
  • Battle puzzling and formidable foes, from crafty little devils to gargantuan horrors that will push your deckcraft and tactics to their limits!
  • Explore a beautiful, enchanted world of marshy swamplands, bubbling lakes of fire and mystical gardens!
  • With numerous gameplay mutators, shifting routes and countless deck variations, no playthrough is ever the same!


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