Xenogunner Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: July 30, 2021. Price: $14.99 / £11.29 / 14.99€. Game file size: 183 MB. Publisher: Clickteam.

Blast your way thru a large variety of bosses, from a dragon to a mercenary in a flying car. Save the universe from the evil Xeno gunner in this intense boss-focused run-and-gun platformer!

The power of Xenonature …

In the future year of 2011, Zeta Reak, kind, gentle king of the Xenolians, is overthrown by a powerful tyrant named the “Xenogunner”. The Xenogunner is a mysterious being capable of many frightening feats, using a power known as “Xenonature”, a powerful energy that grants one trained in the use of it many elemental and non-elemental powers.

Zeta, too, is gifted with the powers of Xenonature. It’s up to Zeta to overthrow the Xenogunner and reclaim the throne … but is the Xenogunner actually the one pulling the strings…?

Intense Boss Battles!

Xenogunner is an intense boss-focused run-and-gun platformer based on games from the days of 16-bit consoles. The stages are short, the bosses are challenging, varied, and tense, and we give you as many lives as you’ll need… because you’ll need as many lives as you can get! Can Zeta best the Xenogunner…? Only you can guide him to victory!



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