Armed to the Gears Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: November 25, 2021. Price: $11.99 / £10.90 / 11.99€. Game file size: 741 MB. Publisher: Forever Entertainment.

In a dystopian future where a totalitarian regime dominates the world and enslaves billions, an underground resistance of engineers fights for freedom.

Control a hacked Infantry-Class robot and turn one of these powerful war machines against its makers.

Control a fully armed Mech and fight through cyberpunk cities, military bases and industrial ruins. Capture and defend territories, build turrets and structures, and wage war against powerful enemies!


  • Play through a fully-featured campaign – unlock powerful new weapons, turrets, drones, and upgrades, and call in air support across 8 unique missions.
  • Equip multiple weapon types: machine guns, lasers, plasma cannons, grenades launchers and missile launchers.
  • Defeat waves of enemy cyborgs, mutants, war drones, robotic infantry and dangerous giant mechs.
  • Manage your main base’s Workshop between missions to buy parts, ammo and fuel for your Mech.
  • Endless wave defense mode.



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