Survive on Raft Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: January 20, 2022. Price: $24.99 / £22.49 / 24.99€. Game file size: 1.3 GB. Publisher: Megame Studio.

Survival on a raft in the middle of the endless ocean.

You survive in a terrible plane crash and now you are out of civilization. Around the endless ocean, exhausting sun and hungry sharks. There is only one thing left for you – to survive at any cost.

To do this, you need to collect resources, improve the raft and build your shelter on the raft. Remember that thirst and hunger are not the only dangers. Make sure the hungry shark doesn’t destroy your raft!

Survival Simulator
Watch for indicators of health, hunger and thirst. Otherwise your adventure on the raft will quickly end!

Explore the recipe for crafting!
Catch fish, grow vegetables and get water – do everything to survive! Create building materials, clothes, weapons, chests and other things necessary for survival.

Explore the islands!
Travel to the islands and discover new lands!

Get resources!
Use the hook to catch the necessary resources: debris, algae, boxes and others. They will be useful to you for survival!

Craft and build!
Spread, equip and protect the raft. Build a real shelter that will allow you to last as long as possible!

Creative Mode!
A mode for real architects who want to make their dreams come true!



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