Red Colony 3 Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: February 17, 2022. Price: $6.99 / £6.29 / 6.99€. Game file size: 1.2 GB. Publisher: Shinyuden.

It’s here, the final chapter in a series that has taken you across the solar system and had you battle it out against zombies, dinosaurs and now even ROBOTS!

In Red Colony 3, you play as Mina, an android, who is returning to her home planet of Titan with the precious dinosaur DNA, desired by her Queen.

Mina looks forward to her long awaited reward- to be ‘Turned’. Finally after years of servitude, she will gain her own free will and be able to live the life she wants – and at last learn what it means to love.

However, her dreams come to a screeching halt when a stowaway aboard her ship causes an uprising on Titan, which Mina is blamed for. Not only that – dinosaurs were not the only thing Mina brought back with her from Mars. . .

Help Mina fight zombies, dinosaurs and mutagenic monsters in the classic Red Colony, edge of your seat fashion. Scour the environment for clues to unlock tricky puzzles and follow the twisting, whacky story to its climatic conclusion in Red Colony 3.


  • Fantastic anime character design.
  • A twisted, gruesome and unfair story.
  • Good-old-fashioned bloody, gorey horror!
  • 2DTCT (2D Tear-Clothes-Technology).
  • A Graphic Novel style narrative with classic Survival Horror gameplay.
  • Multiple outfits for Mina.



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