Turn Tack Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: April 28, 2022. Price: $14.99 / £11.09 / 12.29€. Game file size: 1.3 GB. Publisher: Daewon Media.

A girl destined to fall into the Aztec Empire. Will she become a destroyer or the savior?

Aztec, a world destroyed every 4thousand years. After the fourth fall, the fifth destruction is imminent. As the myth ‘sacrificing a gray-haired girl could prevent the world from being destroyed, people of Aztec tries to sacrifice her.

A girl who ran(Fla) goes on an adventure to overcome the difficulties by struggling for survival from Aztec people. The danger of wild animals, amid the contradiction of ‘destruction of the world’, depends on self-survival.

An exotic puzzle based on the Aztec culture, players can avoid the dangers lurking all over the stage by manipulating Fla. Solving puzzles by overcoming the stages and can utilize the characteristics of ‘Totems’ to break through difficulties.

‘Overcoming challenges with the repetitive play through trial and error’, one of the characteristics of a puzzle platformer can bring you ‘the joy of exquisite difficulty’. Also, the mysterious, beautiful graphics and sound effects help the player enjoy the moment.



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