Smash Boats Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: August 18, 2022. Price: $11.99 / £9.99 / 11.50€. Game file size: 626 MB. Publisher: Smash House Games.

Smash Boats is action title inspired by the golden age of arcade gaming, when players embarked on a common quest to conquer all the levels and add to their growing troves of unlockables. Smashing your way to the top may sound easy, but a sea of enemies, zany Mayday events, and environmental obstacles galore stand between you and your victory lap.

Now you can have a friend help you in the new local co-op gameplay! Up to 4 players can join in on the fun in our new party games. Can you beat your friends and collect the most coins or be the BEST pool shark?!

Smash Boats comes fully stocked with unique pools for you to make some boat-based mayhem, including a waterlogged toy chest, a literal pool table, and even a (spotless) toilet! The playable roster features 18 unique boats you’ll earn by sinking enemies and collecting stars as you clear stages.

Each boat comes with a unique Smash-ability to give you that winning edge on the water: a frying pan, shark bite, lasers, water-pound, and so much more! Combined with other moves like submerge, ram, power-turn, and brake, players have a versatile arsenal of smashing maneuvers to dominate the small seas.

So water you wading for? It’s time to smash some boats!



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