Aliisha: The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: November 24, 2022. Price: Price: $32.99 / £30.00 / 32.99€. File size: 3.1 GB. Publisher: Softstar. Developer: Underscore.

Lisha and Aisha are twin sisters. They are born with certain characters that set them different from ordinary people. Lisha, a few seconds older than Aisha, is gifted with a highly rational mind but nearly incapable of perceiving emotions or affection. On the other hand, Aisha is very sensitive and susceptible. She loves to go on advanturous trips and often gets injured, but she cannot feel any pain.

During one trip, Aisha discovered an abandoned temple that exists in a folklore told by local people. The legend has it that all the priests served in the past at the temple are all twins. Furthermore, Aisha learns that a certain mysterious appliance in the temple can integrate the souls of twins. Eager to solve the mystery, Aisha urges Lisha to go exploring the temple together.



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