Montezuma’s Revenge: 8-bit Edition Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: February 16, 2023. Price: Price: $11.99 / £9.89 / 10.99€. File size: 248 MB. Publisher: Nami Tentou. Developer: Normal Distribution.

The game you loved from the 80’s is out for Nintendo Switch! Avoid skulls, spiders and snakes while you explore the pyramid and collect treasure!

Explore the chambers of the mysterious Aztec pyramid in Montezuma’s Revenge: 8-Bit Edition! Climb the stairs and ropes, collect keys to open doors! Collect the jewels & swords, and the coveted torch! Beware of the snakes, skulls and spiders! And finally, find the treasure room at the end of the underground labyrinth!

The Montezuma’s Revenge: 8-Bit Edition includes features such as level selection, rumble, photos from the 80’s, a manual, and a map included to help you traverse the maze!



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