The Library of Babel Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: April 7, 2023. Price: $18.99 / £18.99 / 18.99€. File size: 4.4 GB. Publisher: Neon Doctrine. Developer: Tanuki Game Studio.

Explore the nature of infinity in this sci-fi stealth platformer!

Inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’ short story of the same name, The Library of Babel invites you to a world 20,000 years after the extinction of humanity. The world is now run by advanced robots, who know very little about their mythical creators. All is well and orderly in a society run by robots, until the discovery of a library that contains everything that has, is, and will ever be written— the perfect harbinger of chaos.

You play as Ludovik, a Seeker, sent to investigate a murder case in Babylon. When a state of emergency is suddenly declared, Ludovik finds himself in increasingly dangerous territory as he follows the murderer’s trail and unravels the mystery behind the Library’s sudden lockdown.

Featuring a world full of vast jungles, abandoned temples, and plentiful cybernetic inhabitants to interact with, The Library of Babel promises both a thrilling adventure full of danger and intrigue, and a thoughtful, atmospheric tale of how we consider infinity.

◆ An overgrown yet futuristic world with beautifully hand-drawn 2D environments.

◆ Deadly obstacles and even deadlier enemies to avoid, as Ludovik prefers agility and stealth over violence.

◆ Dialogue and Inventory management systems reminiscent of the Graphic Adventure games of the 90’s.

◆ A moody, philosophical science fiction story inspired by The Library of Babel and Apocalypse Now.



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