Cyber Citizen Shockman Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: May 19, 2023. Price: $5.99 / £5.99 / 5.99€. File size: 50 MB. Publisher: Ratalaika Games. Developer: Masaya Games.

Slash and shoot your way through robots rampaging in Shockman’s town!

Everything was going great for Tasuke and Kyapiko until one fateful day when they woke up as the cybernetically enhanced, Shockman!

Thanks to the genius of the Doc, they were given the opportunity to become cyborgs and heroes of justice tasked with taking down the Evil Group which had been terrorizing the town. The only catch is they have 18 days to get the job done and become humans again.

Fufill your destiny as hero of justice and restore peace to the town!


  • 18 exciting platforming stages with multiple routes to explore
  • A plethora of upgrades to unlock
  • Added image gallery from hand-made scans
  • Whatever word you want to use instead of cheats
  • Rewind/FF
  • Brand new english translation, plus old JP Original
  • Complete EN and JP user interface!
  • Save states!
  • CRT Filter!



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