Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: July 19, 2023. Price: $9.99 / £8.99 / 9.99€. File size: 1 GB. Publisher: subSilico. Developer: Creature Cauldron.

Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde is a rogue-lite, action game in which you fight huge waves of monsters using passive attacks and abilities. Slay thousands and thousands of endlessly encroaching monsters to stay alive! Collect souls to level up and to increase your power and abilities both in the field and in the Oracle’s vast, permanent upgrade system.

Become a god in minutes by learning the abilities you can obtain when you level up and how they grow in power. Combine many different powerful attacks to take down the hordes!

Death is just a state, The oracle will bring you back to fight another day.

Features (bullet Points if possible)

  • 8 unique Heroes to unlock and master, each with their own passive skills and game changing hero ability.
  • The Divinity Web: An expansive progression and unlock system.
  • The Ledger: A tome full of your conquests, stats and challenges for you to overcome.
  • 14 base abilities each with 2 ability modifiers. A near endless combination of builds to decimate the horde.
  • 9 unique maps to beat, each with 3 challenge levels.
  • Over 20 pets waiting to be unlocked. Each with their own unique abilities, buffs and behaviors.
  • Vanquish over 200 different types of monsters, and then learn more about them in the lore stuffed Beastiary.
  • Optional Hardcore mode with permadeath!



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