Doomsday Hunters Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: July 20, 2023. Price: $16.99 / £15.29 / 16.99€. File size: 293 MB. Publisher: Moregames Entertainment. Developer: Moregames Entertainment.

Roguelite twin-stick shooter where magic and post-apocalyptic future technologies collide.

Set in the year 420 a.c. after a cataclysmic event. Earth no longer exists, replaced by a world with altered physics and populated by monsters, demons, aliens, and crazy robots.

Procedural generation, upgradeable weapons, spells, perks, artifacts, devices, enemies, NPCs, traps, events, and shops. Beautiful twin-stick shooter on the surface, but with depth, variety, replayability, and amazing synergies that will blow your mind!

Break the game, create powerful synergies. Destroy everything!

Game Features:

  • Procedural generation for endless variety
  • Break guns for parts or find powerful mods
  • Over 160 enemies and 20 bosses
  • Discover and master over 1200 items including relics, weapons, skills, perks, alien artifacts, consumables, actives, and passives
  • Engage with a variety of unique characters and negotiate for your advantage



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