Ys X: Nordics Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: September 28, 2023 (Japan). Price: ¥8,250. File size: 6.5 GB. Publisher: Nihon Falcom. Developer: Nihon Falcom.

Adventurer Adol heads to the far north sea!

The setting is the northern sea “Obelia Bay” where there are countless islands large and small.

Who are the marine tribes “Norman” that young adventurer Adol Christine meets in his land, and the immortal ghosts “Griegar” who attack people…?
Operate a sailing ship sailing on the ocean and explore the vast ocean area using nautical charts as clues! Sometimes they even engage in naval battles with enemy ships…

The latest work in the Ys series that pursues the “fun of adventure.”

Adol Christine is a young adventurer. A new adventure in the northern sea, Obelia Bay, begins now!



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