Gothic II Complete Classic Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: November 29, 2023. Price: $29.99 / £24.98 / 29.99€. File size: 10 GB. Publisher: THQ Nordic. Developer: Piranha Bytes.

The iconic sequel to a cult classic RPG

Continue the story of the Nameless Hero in Gothic II Complete Classic, the award-winning sequel that improved on its predecessor in every way. Experience it now for the first time on Nintendo Switch.

Gothic II Complete Classic brings together the excitement of Gothic II and the add-on Night of the Raven to your fingertips for the first time on a console.

You have torn down the magical barrier and released the prisoners of the Mine Valley. Now the former criminals of the forests and mountains are causing trouble around the capital of Khorinis. The town militia is powerless due to their low amount of force–outside of the town, everyone is helpless against the attacks of the bandits.



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