HunterX: code name T Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: February 7, 2024. Price: $16.99 / £11.29 / 12.49€. File size: 2.8 GB. Publisher: Orange Popcorn. Developer: Orange Popcorn.

HunterX: code name T is an action adventure with fast and stylish combat.

The Night of the Purple Moon has returned.

Facing the moonlight, the devil hunter Taiyo recalls a lost memory.
To hunt devils… and to find himself… he embarks on a fateful adventure through a crack in the world.

Forge your own path and explore an ever-greater world that straddles the past and future!
Exciting stories of your comrades, bewildering riddles, and terrifying devils await you.

Collect a variety of weapons and shape your own action style!
Experience more sophisticated and stylish combat with weapon-specific actions, dodges, guards, parries, and counterattacks.

Defeat unique devils and bosses!
Collect over 190 different items to identify enemy weaknesses and attack strategically.



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