Piczle Cross: Story of Seasons Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: February 27, 2024. Price: $9.99 / £8.99 / 9.99€. File size: 527 MB. Publisher: Rainy Frog. Developer: Score Studios.

Piczle meets Story of Seasons with over 350 nonogram puzzles from the beloved farm life game series!

Classic Piczle nonograms x Story of Seasons
Enjoy the bucolic charm of Story of Seasons while relaxing and exercising your brain with classic logic-puzzles. All your favourite villagers and bachelors, tools and crops, animals and upgrades in nonogram form will provide you with countless hours of puzzling!

No end of nonograms
With 350 puzzles featuring a wealth of different Story of Seasons mainstays you’ll have a veritable pasture-full of puzzling pleasure!

Grow your farm
As you clear puzzles the seasons progress, your farm expands, livestock appears and crops grow.

Bigger together
5 unlockable collage puzzles celebrate Story of Seasons’ festivals by combining dozens of puzzles into a bigger picture.

Play it your way!
True to the Piczle series, Piczle Cross; Story of Seasons provides the most feature-rich and option-abundant experience available to cater the puzzling experience to your exact liking. From hiding away the timer to correcting your mistakes, from choosing the puzzles’ themes to managing how completed clues are marked off, you can play exactly how you want. There is no wrong way to play!

Explore the almanac
Clearing specific puzzles will unlock entries in the in-game 100+ page almanac that celebrates all your favourite characters and critters from the Story of Seasons games.

Detailed statistics
Keep an eye on your progress with detailed statistics and achievements. Replay puzzles to improve your time, or to hone your skills without using helpful gameplay options.



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