Garten of Banban 4 Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: June 20, 2024. Price: $9.99. File size: 309 MB. Publisher: Feardemic. Developer: Euphoric Brothers.

Explore the abandoned underground levels of Banban’s Kindergarten, and continue the search for your missing child. Can you find them before the facility’s residents find you?

Nowhere to go but down! Continue where Garten of Banban 3 left off and explore the mysterious underworld! Avoid the unpleasant residents of the facility, make friends with ones who aren’t out to get you, and find your child.

Little do you know, you are heading down to where no human has been for quite some time…

Survive the abandoned lower levels of Banban’s Kindergarten:
With no direction to go but down, you are forced to delve into even deeper levels of the mysterious establishment that is Banban’s kindergarten. Little do you know, you are heading down to where no human has been for quite some time…

Even more friends to make!
With an entire underworld for you to explore and survive, you will be having plenty of opportunities to finally make some friends. Despite the suspicious lack of humans in the entire establishment, you will never feel alone! In Banban’s Kindergarten, there are friends to be made in every corner!


  • Sense of 4boding – There are no humans here but it doesn’t mean you’re alone
  • Drone 4ce – Escape the facility with the help of your trusty drone
  • 4get all you know – Use your head, solve the puzzles, and progress through the underworld
  • Push through – You’re getting somewhere now, don’t get cold feet

Additional languages:
– Polish (PL/Polski),
– Turkish (TUR/Türkçe),
– Indonesian (IDN/Indonesia),
– Arabic (AR)



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