Space Overlords Announced For PS Vita, PS3 & PS4, Arriving In Late April 2016

Publisher Excalibur has announced that 12 Hit Combo’s action shooter Space Overlords is coming to the PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 in late April 2016.

Space Overlords is a 3D isometric action shooter where you play as one of four different space overlords with the mission of settling old scores against Kesedihan for her part in your and your brother’s incarceration. Take possession of planets colonised by this evil warlord who has ravaged all resources to feed her dominance. Waking up after years of captivity, your path of annihilation is about to begin.

The initial launch will feature seven galaxies in single-player mode with three single player modes to choose from: main gameplay, co-operative and gameplay Loop. Each galaxy will have eight planets and each section features atmospheric cut scenes. The multi-player portion of the game has four game modes and focuses on pitting the players against each other.

Space Overlords will feature 56 story mode levels, 4 multiplayer game modes, four playable characters, six enemy types,  and a built in level editor to play and share levels with other players.

Check out the Space Overlords Screenshots:

Check out the Space Overlords Trailer:


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