Zero Time Dilemma’s Participant 9 Revealed

Aksys Games has opened a twitter account for Zero Time Dilemma, revealing an artwork of the participant 9 accompanied by a special message:

Attention People Of The World

It has been more difficult than anticipated to smuggle information out of Dcom regarding the viral Zero Time Dilemma, but we at Crash Keys have finally obtained the most bare bones of details that should prove useful to surviving the coming apocalypse. It is necessary to reveal everything in small doses as to avoid detection, but we can share the first piece now. Stay alert for future communiqués.

Remember, the threat is real.

In the meantime, the tweet with the artwork and the message has been deleted by Aksys Games.

Zero Time Dilemma will be released for PS Vita and 3DS in North America in summer 2016 both physically and digitally and in Europe digital only.

Check out the Zero Time Dilemma Participant 9 Artwork:

Zero Time Dilemma Participant 9

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