Zero Escape-Inspired Nostalgia: Two Worlds One Soul Coming To PS Vita In Late 2016

New Jersey-based developer MagnaStudios has revealed to us that they will bring Nostalgia: Two Worlds One Soul to the PS Vita in late 2016.

Nostalgia: Two Worlds One Soul is a hybrid between visual novels and adventure games, heavily inspired by Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, Phoenix Wright, and the world on Brave New World. The game is  set in two parallel worlds where you play as Alice, a 22 years old Chemical Engineering student.

Alice was one of the 15 children who were captured when they were born to be used as experimental subjects. She spent 12 years of her life being kept in this facility. None of the children met each other in their confinement. All 15 children were released around the world when the project totally failed.

The Project with the name Nostalgia was an experiment made to see if each children could connect to their alter-ego in another possible world. Ten years later, upon leaving her school, Alice experiences a side effect of the experiments that were performed on her, momentarily causing her great pain and a sudden state of unconsciousness.

In Nostalgia: Two Worlds One Soul, your aim will be to help Alice in finding the answers of the universe in both the present and the Cyberpunk world.

Besides the visual novel part, the game features two extra modes:

  • Escape Rooms
    In the escape rooms, which are related to the main story, you have to solve puzzles to get out of them.
  • Battle Mode
    Battles are complementary to the story and take place at key points of the game. You level up taking decisions through the main story. Leveling up is needed to fight machines, enemies, etc.

Check out the Nostalgia: Two Worlds One Soul Screenshots:

Check out the Nostalgia: Two Worlds One Soul Teaser:


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