Quantum Suicide Coming To The PS Vita In Late 2017

Australian developer Cotton Candy Cyanide has announced that its visual novel Quantum Suicide is coming to the PS Vita in late 2017, thanks to the support of Sekai Project.

Quantum Suicide is a visual novel about space, love, and betrayal with 6 courtable options and over 30 different endings.

In the year 2092, people no longer trusted the Earth to sustain their existence as they had previously. The Earth now stood as a husk of its past self. A ship containing Earth’s best and brightest set off on an intergenerational mission that could change the path of the human race. That ship was called The Everett.

Quantum Suicide is set in the year 2117 where you are a second generation ship-born researcher. Your choices change the fortunes of all aboard the Everett. Friendships, courtships and love – all lay waiting at your feet, but you should be wary, the road to the stars is also full of hardship.

A murderous AI is not all you’ll face, when tensions are high and people are pushed to the breaking point, who knows what even the kindest of crew members will do? Will you uphold your duty to the human race?

Check out the Quantum Suicide Screenshots:

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