Action Platformer MilitAnt Coming To The PS Vita & PS4 In Late Spring 2016

Mexican Xibalba Studios has announced that the action platformer MilitAnt is coming to the PS Vita and PS4 in late spring 2016.

MilitAnt is an action-packed side-scrolling action platformer which places players into the do or die world of insects, where the weak are eaten and the strong can only expect to survive the day. Ants in a colony work as one in order to survive, but this colony is under heavy attack and losing.

Desperate for survival they need a sole six-legged hero to step-up and lead against hordes of enemy insects. They need a hero who can terminate termite ground forces, spray down air force wasps, cut down web-slinging spiders, blast sword wielding beetles and other insect armies.

MilitAnt requires that heroes possess the up, up, down, down, left, right strategic moves mixed with precision and a Rambo-like instinct for battle in order to ensure the survival of the colony.

The initial inspiration for MilitAnt was born from a series childhood drawings created by one of developers at Xibalba. The game boasts an art style reminiscent of classic animation films like A Bug’s Life and gameplay that combines nature’s brutality with classic arcade side-scrolling games like Contra.


  • Novel 2.5D shooter gameplay action
  • Immersive single player story mode
  • Intense and exciting levels
  • Epic boss fights
  • Unlock powerful weapons
  • 30+ deadly enemy bugs

Check out the MilitAnt Screenshots:

Check out the MilitAnt Trailer:

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