Rhythm Platformer 140 Announced For PS Vita & PS4

Jeppe Carlsen has announced via the PlayStation blog that the colorful rhythm platformer 140 is coming to the PS Vita and PS4 in summer 2016.

140 is an old-school platformer set in a world of abstract colorful graphics with a musical twist. You’ll need to overcome obstacles that are controlled by an energetic, yet melancholic electronic soundtrack — meaning you’ll need a heightened sense of rhythm to sync up your every move and jump to the music.

140 was originally released for PC and Mac OS in 2013 after winning the Excellence in Audio award at the Independent Games Festival, and is now being adapted for consoles and handhelds by Abstraction Games in partnership with Double Fine Presents.

Check out the 140 Screenshots:

Check out the 140 – Announcement Trailer:


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