Free PlayStation Plus PS Vita Games In August 2016

Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed August’s 2016 free games lineup for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The following PS Vita and PSP games will be available for free for PS Plus subscribers beginning on August 2, 2016:

Patapon 3 (PSP)

Genre: Rhythm Game, Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Patapon 3 PSP PS Vita

Devastate your opponents with attacks as Superhero Patapon in the third iteration of the critically acclaimed rhythm-based action adventure. Play campaign with friends, go head-to-head, or even take on a clan of other Patapon gamers with network play allowing up to eight people. Customize your tribe with different weapons and abilities in the greatest portable adventure of rhythm and war.

Check out the Patapon 3 Screenshots:

Ultratron (PS Vita)

Genre: Arcade, Publisher: Curve Digital

Ultratron PS Vita

Ultratron is a twin-stick arena shooter inspired by some of the best that classic arcade gaming has to offer, updated and improved for the 21st century. Ultratron combines risk-reward arena gameplay with an upgrade system, responsive difficulty, pet drones, special weapon abilities, and online leaderboards.

Check out the Ultratron Screenshots:

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