Ever Oasis For 3DS Gets New Introduction Trailer

Nintendo has released a new introduction trailer for the upcoming action adventure RPG Ever Oasis for 3DS.

Ever Oasis is set long ago, when the land was nothing more than desolate sand and hard sun. Gentle beings known as seedlings created lush oases and called the vast desert home. Elsewhere, an entity known as chaos ravaged the land, turning creatures feral. The seedlings lived in constant fear of the formless, erratic chaos. One day, from the light of the Water Spirit, a brave seedling rose up and grew an oasis to protect from chaos. The light of this oasis drove chaos to the fringes.

In Ever Oasis, players will act as chief of their oasis, and build and manage local shops. Your oasis will flourish as it expands and attracts new residents. And when chaos arises, you will defend your oasis.

Ever Oasis will be released for 3DS in North America and Europe on June 23, 2017 and in Japan on July 13, 2017.

Check out the Ever Oasis – Introduction Trailer:


Via: Gematsu

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