Twin Robots Now Available For PS Vita & PS4 In North America

The platformer Twin Robots is now available for PS Vita and PS4 in North America via the PlayStation Store for $4.99 featuring cross-buy support. In Europe, the game will be released on October 10, 2017.

Twin Robots is a 2.5D platformer where you can switch control between two little robots that have been imprisoned and need to find the way out of each level.

Escaping won’t be easy though, so be prepared for a lot of running, jumping and puzzle solving, as a lot of each awaits you. The good news though, is you don’t have to do any of it alone as Twin Robots does support co-op play that sees players controlling one robot each.

But just because two heads are better than one, both robots are battery-powered so they consume energy with everything they do! Players will need to watch out for their battery levels and make sure they keep topped up, but in emergency situations, players can of course transfer energy from one robot to the other, thus allowing both robots to safely reach the exist. Sharing is caring after all!


  • Strategic Thinking:
    Any move you make – from running to jumping and climbing – drains your battery life. Plan your path through the factory strategically and save enough battery life to open the exit door in each stage. One robot can even use his battery to charge up the other robot.
  • Fast Reflexes:
    Some of the obstacles will test your platforming skills. From wall jumps to moving platforms, spiky pits and conveyor belts, there’s a challenge for everyone.
  • Exploring:
    One of the robots is always trapped in a deadly prison at the beginning of each stage. You need to find a red button to release him from his demise. Don’t take too long!
  • Puzzle Solving:
    Throughout the game, there are many instances where both robots will be required to help one another solve puzzles.
  • Speedrunning:
    The top 3 best times for each stage will be saved.

Check out the Twin Robots PS Vita Gameplay:

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