Iro Hero Announced For Nintendo Switch

Artax Games has announced that its old school shoot ’em up Iro Hero is coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2018.

Iro Hero is a pixel art, old school shoot ’em up, with nine levels full of enemies, action and interactive elements that takes Ikaruga’s color change mechanic to a new level with an interesting twist to puzzles.


Year 2306. A century after the Nyagu taught mankind how to obtain electricity from their inner energy, enterprises started to exploit humans in farms to produce energy. What had formerly been a gift became a curse, reducing people to the condition of power supplies. Only when his mother dies in one of these farms Iro realizes he has got the power to change the order of things.


  • Color polarity system, similar to other classic shoot’em ups such as Ikaruga.
  • A twist to puzzles, with interactive elements within the levels such as color zones and reflectant surfaces.
  • Compelling story to be unveiled through 9 different worlds.
  • 10 types of enemies, with more than one hundred different behaviors.
  • 3 final bosses to defeat, in the vein of classic arcades.
  • Special skills to unlock and use strategically.

Check out the Iro Hero Teaser Trailer:


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